Date: Friday, June 3rd, 2022
Time: 8:30 - 3:30 CST
Location: Air Hygiene (Broken Bow)


Lean Leadership – by Darin Craig

For my first blog posting, I want to take up the single most important element of Lean and Operational Excellence…Leadership. Everything starts with leadership, and any potential transformation can quickly end without it.

For a successful transformation, the leadership team must me completely on board and capable of either driving the implementation themselves, or appointing a Lean Practitioner with the authority and responsibility to implement the change. Not all leaders are themselves Lean Practitioners…and that’s OK.

What’s important though, is that we have a strong passion for Enterprise Excellence. We must be more that just willing to commit to a change…a change in the very nature of how we run our businesses…we must also motivate others to commit to the change, as well.

Change is never easy. If it were, it would have already happened. But with the right vision and the right commitment, we can help our companies realize that Enterprise Excellence is more than just a group…it’s a business philosophy that, while not easy, is necessary to be successful in today’s marketplace.

Standard Work – by Neil Ferguson

I recently attended the Association for Manufacturing Excellence annual conference in Dallas, TX.  All throughout the conference the concept of standard work kept coming up, particularly as it relates to leaders.  As someone with several years of lean experience, I could give you a pretty good definition of standard work but admittedly I haven’t put it into practice as much as I should.  I felt a bit guilty about, but soon realized I wasn’t alone.

While researching the topic on Jim Womack’s Lean Enterprise Institute website, the following sentence caught my attention: “Standardized work is one of the most powerful, but least used lean tools.”  I left the conference with standard work being one of my key takeaways.  I encourage you to look for ways to implement this not just in your organization but in your personal workflow as well.  Good luck!

Welcome to our new website!

Hello, and welcome to our new website.  We recently worked with T&S Web Design to develop this new site, with the hope that we would create a more relevant and current web presence for our members and for others that are interested in Lean/The Toyota Production System.

Of course we are keeping many of the tools that we shared previously, like the calendar of events, which contains our meeting dates and some of the Lean training available through the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance.

We also added a blog feature.  We have at least one pretty good blogger on the topic, and we hope to grow more over time.  Please encourage our bloggers by commenting on the entries when you see them.  Two way dialog is what will keep our blogger(s) fired up and keep our members reading.  Lean is a multi-faceted product that affects all levels, and we will be interested in reading about how it affects you and how you use it to take waste and inefficiency out of your life.

Please bookmark our site or add our RSS feed.  We hope that you find our website interesting and useful.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us!