Date: Thursday, March 3rd, 2022
Time: 11:30-1:00 CST
Location: Zoom

Lean Leadership – by Darin Craig

For my first blog posting, I want to take up the single most important element of Lean and Operational Excellence…Leadership. Everything starts with leadership, and any potential transformation can quickly end without it.

For a successful transformation, the leadership team must me completely on board and capable of either driving the implementation themselves, or appointing a Lean Practitioner with the authority and responsibility to implement the change. Not all leaders are themselves Lean Practitioners…and that’s OK.

What’s important though, is that we have a strong passion for Enterprise Excellence. We must be more that just willing to commit to a change…a change in the very nature of how we run our businesses…we must also motivate others to commit to the change, as well.

Change is never easy. If it were, it would have already happened. But with the right vision and the right commitment, we can help our companies realize that Enterprise Excellence is more than just a group…it’s a business philosophy that, while not easy, is necessary to be successful in today’s marketplace.

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